S & M played for laughs

(Canscene) — Vancouver is the setting for Walk All Over Me, a city to which Alberta (Leslie Sobieski) flees from an abusive relationship. She looks up the only person she knows: Celene (Tricia Helfer) , a former baby sitter who is making a cozy living as a dominatrix and accepts Alberta with some misgivings.

Dissatisfied with her job at a local supermarket, Alberta decides to try her hand at S & M, first dressing in some of Celene’s outfits when her friend is out of the house and then actually making a date with a young man.

It turns out Paul, her date, is being sought by a trio of gangsters headed by Rene (Lothaire Bluteau) looking for money they say he’s stolen from them. From then on the plot turns wild as the initially vexed Celene persuades Alberta to join with her to locate the money.

All this is played for comedy rather than thrills and although Walk All Over Me could do with some tighter editing and a clearer plot line it’s impossible not to enjoy the laughs the film provides.

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