Not exactly a diverse cabinet

(Canscene) Stephen Harper’s recent ho-hum cabinet shuffle did little to excite public interest and drew the stinging criticism of Multicultualism critic Colleen Maurier Liberal MP for Brampton West.

“Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s latest Cabinet shuffle demonstrates his government’s complete disregard for Canadian diversity,” she said.

“It is significant that Mr. Harper is unwilling or unable to bring competent, culturally diverse individuals into his cabinet,” said Beaumier. “Either that says something about Mr. Harper’s attitude to diversity or it says something about his estimation of the quality of his own caucus members. Either way, it’s bad news for all Canadians who recognize the value of diversity.”

“Canadians shouldn’t forget that Mr. Harper’s current International Trade Minister, David Emerson, previously panned Harper as ‘intolerant of ethnic minorities and his Minister for Public Safety, Stockwell Day, at one time even accused the Prime Minister of attacking ethnic and religious minorities.

“Furthermore, Michael Chong, who was appointed as Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs resigned from his position after Mr. Harper failed to consult with him on a pivotal decision involving his department.”

“As the leader of the Canadian Alliance, Mr. Harper reaffirmed his goal of eliminating all federal funding in support of Canada’s Multiculturalism policy,” said Beaumier. “This latest shuffle is proof of the Conservative Party’s indifference towards multiculturalism and diversity.”

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