Ethnic celebrations promote understanding

(Canscene) — It’s become something of a habit these days to poo-poo ethnic celebrations such as concerts and street festivals as not portraying the reality of Multicultualism.

Yet while not the be-all and end-all of Canadian multiculturalism they still play an important part in bringing people together in a common enjoyment.

It is a matter of record that he recent South Asian Festival in Toronto’s Little India attracted visitors from diverse origins in addition to the celebrants from India, Pakistan , Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other south Asian countries.

Let us no forget that even before “multicuturalism” became a new word for a new Canadian policy, the late 60s saw the advent of Toronto Caravan which pioneered visits to ethnic community centres and at its height featured as many as 40 pavilions.

While Caravan outlived its significance to Toronto and was replaced by such large-scale festivals as Taste of the Danforth and Taste of Little Italy it is still emulated in communities across Canada, reminding citizens of this country’s diversity.

A taste of Little Italy, Toronto, June, 2007

So let those who hurl accusations of “ghettoization” at Canadian multiculturalism think again.

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