A deadly duo in N.S.

(Canscene) — Rural Nova Scotia is the setting for Just Buried, the tale of nerdy Oliver, played by Jay Baruchel, who after his estranged father’s funeral learns he has inherited the old man’s moribund funeral business, teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.

Jay and Roberta: planning for more “business”

The funeral parlour has two employees, Roberta, a beautiful young mortician (Rose Byrne) and Henry the handyman (Graham Greene).

Finding Roberta attractive, Oliver takes her out to dinner, imbibes too freely and runs over a local curmudgeon out for his night walk. And so begins a chain of events that lead through another accidental killing to deliberately plotted murders, enriching the business and saving its sale to an unctuous rival, Wayne Snarr.

Jay’s transition from nerd to willing criminal is skilfully handled in performance, direction and writing. As with all good black comedy, the ending must contain a twist of fate, and Just Buried is no exception.

Written and directed by Chaz Thorne, who also co-wrote Poor Boy’s Game this is an exceptional Canadian excursion.

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