11 characters in search of perfect sex

(Canscene) — Mark my words, you’re not going to see The Joy of Sex 101 when you watch Young People Fucking — nor even porn lite.

Young people share an aftermath

Instead, director Martin Gero takes us through five one-night encounters between four couples and a trio. Their stories don’t intertwine but each is told in terms of: prelude, foreplay, sex, interlude, orgasm and afterglow. Without any linking narrative each episode takes its all its layers, in turn through the relevant experience with some very funny results that flow naturally from the characters they portray.

Although the sex scenes are clearly simulated, the real core of this comedy stems from the reaction of the players to each other. Expertly played by a mixed Canadian-American cast plus one Brit, the comedy derives from the situations rather than deliberately funny lines.

Even if you’re squeamish about the title, forget it and go see this very funny film either at TIFF 07 or perhaps, if you’re lucky, at a theatre near you, someday. But one thing you can bet on, the last word may be spelled out in asterisks.

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