Judging the humble sausage

(Canscene) — My passion for sausage began in 1947, when after years of deprivaion and the horrors of the soya-link monstrosity I rrived in Canada to find real sausage again. In succeeding years as other variies joined the familar English “banger,” I learned to cheer for chorizo, drool over debreczeny and salivate at the sight of salsiccie (hot or sweet). I know I am not alone.

But has anyone noticed how tough the skins of sausages have recently become? In fact they’re so unpleasantly chewy that I find myself scraping out the innards and discarding he skin. At a recent gathering, I learned I was not alone. But no one of us could find an answer to this.

The old proverb “never judge a sausage by its skin” seems truer than ever today.

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