Shades of Brown: a conference with a difference

(Canscene) –The upcoming conference Shades of Brown: Challenges, Myths and Promises offers educators at all levels an excellent opportunity for learning and reflection. According to the organizers, the conference, which will be hosted by York University between 8 and 12 July 2007, is the first international conference of its kind in North America.The conference deals with South Asian issues with a focus on education and organized by educators, students and the community. Internationally renowned South Asian professionals from all walks of life as well as other North American educators will present. While primarily focusing on education, the conference will offer an inter-disciplinary approach including the arts, business, teacher federations, journalism, film production, and health.

The conference will offer a variety of workshops for teachers to assist them in developing engaging practices that integrate aspects of South Asian history, culture, art, and values into pedagogy, curriculum and leadership. Mainstream educators will have the opportunity to obtain relevant information and resources and learn from first-hand experiences of South Asian professionals, teachers and students. and discuss issues of identity.

. Recent statistics from Statistics Canada and other sources indicate that South Asians are the second largest visible minority group in Canada and one of the fastest growing, and half of Canada’s South Asians will be living in the Toronto greater area.

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