Beware of “green” overkill

(Canscene) –Sesame Street’s Kermit the Frog’s hit song It’s Not Easy Bein’ Grreen is now contradicted by the ease with which we’re all thinking green and trying to be green to help rescue a threatened environment.

It’s literally amazing the way advertisers and their agencies, public institutions, educational groups, and above all youngsters have got behind the green idea, but there are some cases where overkill is spoiling the effect.

Take he case of The Bay’s downtown Toronto store. Quite laudably, they’ve installed green awnings over all their show windows. But then they’ve suspended tatty looking branches of fake green foliage which cheapens the whole look.

And therein lies a word of caution. Let’s not make a fashion fad of all this. It’s not just another slogan affair like “Think Pink.” It’s concern for our very survival, a concern for the environment that mustn’t be allowed to grow old and stale. And that’s going to be the next challenge we face, to stick to what we’ve come to believe in.

One Response to “Beware of “green” overkill”

  1. Bill Andersen Says:

    I share your concern, Ben, that too much “green” hype will overwhelm public interest in this important issue. Still, I think most people know how important it is to change our environmentally abusive ways.

    Perhaps cynically opportunistic politicians and businesses will find that insincere and ineffective “green” posturing will backfire.