Where does Harper really stand?

Canscene) — Colleen Beaumier, Liberal MP for Brampton West, a riding characterized by its highly diverse population has called attention to a very questionable move by Stephen Harper.

She is indignant that in the federal government’s budget, funding for Multiculturalism activities was slashed to $17 million from $34 million. This is indeed a meagre budget for a government function whose activities have embraced anti-racism and intercultural understanding.

As you may know, in one year responsibility for multiculturalism was shouldered on Harper’s parliamentary secretary, MP Jason Kenney, then moved back to its customary incumbent, the minister of Canadian Heritage, in this case Bev Oda, and moved again back to Kenney who now has the title of secretary of state for Multiculturalism and Canadian Identity, (whatever that may mean)

My suspicions are based on the fact that both Harper and Kenney, like other former
members of the Conservative party’s predecessors, Reform and Alliance have publicly voiced disaffection for multiculturalism.

It so happens that Multicultualism is written into the Canadian Constitution and Charter, another institution for which Stephen Harper shows little affection.

I have written to both PM Harper and Secretary of State Kenney asking them to define the Government’s position regarding multicuturalism. So far, no reply.

If the above concerns you, please contact Sterling Lynch at Ms. Beaumier’s office

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  1. Diane R. St. John Says:

    I have had a similar experience with Jason Kenney, Secretary of State (Multiculturalism and Canadian Identity). On February 7, 2007 I wrote him a letter introducing him to the Canadian Unity Travel Club and asked him what the new Government of Canada would be willing to do in support of this very worthwhile national multicultural initiative.

    He responded by saying that the Department of Canadian Heritage does not have any program that could provide support for the type of endeavour that I described.

    I was shocked. Visit our Website http://www.canadianunitytravelclub.ca/ and link to blog http://www.canadianunitytravelclub.ca/wordpress/ and decide for yourself if this Canadian initiative does not deserve recognition by the new Canadian Government. You will find my posting on the sidebar under category Canadians Speak Out and then Let Our Voices Be Heard.

    For all you Canadians who feel as frustrated as I do with our political system, do go to my blog and leave a comment.

    Thanks for listening.
    Diane R. St. John