Luminato looms — get ready for June 1

Performers head for Luminato June 1

(Canscene) — With the financial future of Luminato now guaranteed for four years, it follows that the first event planned for June 1 to 10 will pull all the stops to showcase what could become for Toronto and Ontario an annual draw of equal value to residents and visitors.

When I was first exposed to Luminato at the initial media conference my mind turned to the city’s failed plan to bid for a World’s Fair and I sensed that by 1015 world’s fairs might have become passé and financially unsustainable and that here could be the future — functions like Luminato and Dan Brambilla’s plans to create a permanent tribute to ethnocultural heritage and arts at the Hummingbird Centre.


The event brings us performers and talents from Canada, South Africa, South Asia, Poland, Germany, Turkey , Armenia., Italy, Portugal, Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States.


This piece is accompanied by some images of Luminato which to do the event justice would require a whole issue of Canscene.

Instead, I’ll refer you to the Luminato website at

Go there and discover!


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