Global warming feared but…

A recent Angus Reid poll has indicated that a majority of Canadians believe global warming is a genuine threat to us all. That it’s the most important issue of the day — one that won’t go away.However, to paraphrase Al Gore this truth really becomes an inconvenience when it comes to making everyday changes that could help combat global warming. Many are reluctant to commit themselves to the fight.

The online poll which questioned 3,500 Canadians revealed that people in Quebec are most concerned about green issues and willing to make changes while oil-rich Albertans are the least environmentally conscious.

Wealthy, educated Canadians are unwilling to give up their gas eating SUVs, long showers and frequent air travel — all of which contribute to climate change. Lowering the thermostat was deemed undesirable, as was driving a hybrid car.

Yet, those who have extra money to burn can afford to make lifestyle changes, like retrofitting their homes.

What does all this add up to, as the problem becomes more and more serious? Unfortunately, if we don’t begin to exercise a degree of self-discipline — Enforcement, which crybabies will lament when it’s too late.

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