Somebody gets it right

(Canscene) –There are two kinds of panini — Italian sandwiches in a conventional bread roll and those served between two slices of foccaccia (made with pizza dough) and grilled. For me the latter are the favoured kind, but as I’ve discovered there are panini and panini.


Susanne Pacher (in turquoise shirt) and friends at Gelato Milano.

Imagine my delight when attending Susanne Pacher’s launch of her book The Beach: My Home from Home. at Gelato Milano, 2156 Queen Street East Toronto to discover the perfect panini. Never overstuffed but grilled to perfection of crispness with a filling that was actually cooked in the process, but not melted into a gooey mess.

And then there are the gelatos – or to be precise gelati. They have to be seen and tasted to be believed!IMG_4271.JPG

And just a sampling of the gelati…

This establishment is run by three young men named Prokos, Altman and Pablevski –scarcely Italian — but with real Italian flair. Steve Prokos who grew up in Little Italy and married a girl Frum Naples didn’t need any convincing about getting into the food service business and soon had his two best friends as partners. And isn’t that what multiculturalism’s all about?

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