Echoes of McCarthyism

The Prime Minister’s recent accusing of the Liberals of supporting the Taliban sent shock waves throughout the entire opposition. What’s more, he refused to apologize.

Those words followed other accusations spewed out recently by Conservative MPs. While we may tend to dismiss them as pre-election gusts of hot air, we mustn’t ignore them There’s a parallel in United States history and we should heed it.

In the 1950s, Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy, playing on Cold War paranoia in the United States began to find communists everywhere.

What became known as the 1954 Army – McCarthy hearings were finally torpedoed by a gutsy team from the CBS network who dared to speak up while other media feared the uncouth, alcoholic McCarthy.

CBS chair Bill Paley, Producer Fred Friendly and above all newsman Edward R. Murrow stuck their necks out to show what a liar McCarthy was.

What are Canadian media doing about these shameful Tory accusations?

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