Toronto Star group expands ethnic media stable

(Canscene) — The Toronto Star has moved deeper into publishing for diversity with the acquisition of the Vancouver monthly Canadian Im migrant

Current circulation of The Canadian Immigrant – which covers careers, education, lifestyles, culture and financial matters, along with profiles of prominent British Columbia immigrants – is 30,000.

But when a Toronto edition of the magazine is launched later this year, publisher/president/CEO Naeem “Nick” Noorani estimates that circulation of the magazine he founded two and a half years ago will zoom to an initial 55,000. He also predicts that the number of advertisers who want to reach Canada’s many immigrant consumers through the hard-copy and online pages of what he describes as an “multi-ethnic” publication will soar.

Noorani recalls realizing soon after he emigrated from India that “the information needs of immigrants (to Canada) were not being met by mainstream media. That’s what led to a huge growth in ethnic publications.” His response to the dearth was to first co-write – with his wife Sabrina Noorani – an advice book titled Arrival Survival Canada, and then to launch The Canadian Immigrant.

In the near future, Noorani plans to extend his company’s portfolio to include publishing directories and sponsoring trade shows themed to appeal to immigrants. He already hosts a national advice-to-newcomers weekly radio show on Radio and publishes a daily blog:

The Star’s multicultural group now includes the Sing Tao Daily News and the magazine for African Canadians, titled Sway.

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