Is ghost of Joe McCarthy stirring here?

(Canscene) — Those old enough to remember the infamous Army – McCarthy hearings will find a striking resemblance to them in statements by two Conservative Party MPs last month. They said there are terrorist supporters (unnamed) among Liberal Party MPs.

Joe McCarthy

In 1954, the hearings laboured on as Wisconsin junior Senator Joe McCarthy repetitiously attempted to prove that the U.S. Army was crawling with Communist party members.

It took the combined guts of CBS producer Fred Friendly, CBS news man-interviewer Edward R. Morrow, CBS president Bill Paley and Army counsel Joseph Welch to bring McCarthy’s campaign down to the dust is deserved.

Fortunately in the 2000s we can rent the video of the 2005 movie Good Night and Good Luck, an extraordinary and historically accurate recounting of those days. I’m no spoiler when I tell you it has a happy ending as McCarthy begins his decline into oblivion. It’s history, the kind of which we should be reminded at times like these.

It should be recommended viewing for all loose cannons in Ottawa.

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