The “in” thing: switching

(Canscene) — The late actor Peter Sellers refused to appear before the camera if there was anything green around him. My mother was highly superstitious about wearing green or having green around the house.

Today, how different! Green is fashionable and we see five federal political parties scrambling over each other to prove how much concern they feel for the environment.

Of course in a matter so serious one must now give politicians the benefit of the doubt, but Stephen Harper’s sudden about turn does invite questioning. When he realized that Stephane Dion had for many years been the champion of environmental causes, and former rivals for leadership were behind him, he switched direction.

With Harper at the controls the key slogan in his government seems to be “we’d rather switch than fight.”. Offering a tempting job to Emerson to cross the floor of the House of Commons leads one to speculate on how Wajid Khan will fare now he’s forsaken the Liberals for the Tories.

Perhaps he’ll become part of another switch. Where might he go? Something to do with recruiting ethnic Canadians, I’ll be bound.

One Response to “The “in” thing: switching”

  1. Frank DeBrune Says:

    The poll-driven, Conservative environmental “awakening” is making me green. Not the envy kind, the seasick kind.

    Canadians will show their contempt for this opportunistic showboating as soon as they get the chance to send Harper back to Stornoway.