The Clever Canuck: Investing Made Easy

Clever Canuck

The Clever Canuck: Investing Made Easy
By Sandra L. Sextron
(available through website and Amazon books)
$14.95, 109 pages

(Canscene) — Tired of being pestered with 101 reasons you should think about RRSP’s this month? You can find relief in this book, which in a few pages sets you straight on the options you have before you study the various offers being advertised during tis month of February.

The book was delivered for review by Debbie De Groot, one of Canada’s best book publicists, another being Susan Meisner who for me did Ethnic Eating, the Canadian Scene Cookbook.

Like myself, Debbie is wary of the recent spate of “sold on demand” self-published works, but she does highly endorse this one which performs a sorely needed service.

It’s The Clever Canuck: Investing Made Easy and it’s by Sandra L Sexton who spent some years in industrial engineering, and becoming an investor herself took appropriate courses to authenticate her views.

This book avoids the complicated verbiage and jargon with which such works abound and gives solid, understandable advice on stocks and bonds, RRSP’s and how not to fall for scams. Simplicity of language makes this an excellent first stop for the newcomer to Canada who’s has made some money and doesn’t want to leave it idling in a bank at low interest rates.
Starting off with the details of what you should be investing in and why, Sandra Sexton takes you through a process of planning for your financial future by discussing banking options in Canada, finding the highest interest GIC’s and bonds, uncovering the mysteries of mutual funds and stocks, choosing a first-rate financial advisor, taking advantage of government contributions through RESP’s for your children’s education, and finally tax beneficial options such as RRSP’s.

And the good news is that The Clever Canuck sells for only $14.95 plus postage . To order:


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