Recipe for peace: think for ourselves!

(Canscene) —The news that Ontario Liberal Member of Parliament Wajid Khan had decided to become a Conservative came as no surprise to many. He had been flirting with the Prime Minister for months since he was offered an all-expenses-paid trip to the Middle East to study the situation there.

God knows what he came up with; it may have influenced our bumbling Foreign Affairs Minister Peter McKay to bring his U.S. inspired agenda to the Middle East.

And isn’t that a joke! A broker of peace has to take into account all parties locked in a struggle, and McKay’s refusal to have any dealings with leaders George W. Bush hates shows the same immaturity that informs Bush’s understanding of diplomacy.

There are many things I find ugly about Hamas, Hezbollah, North Korea’s Kim Jog Il and Iran’s Ahmadinejad , but for God’s sake, why isn’t any serious attempt being made to sit down with them and tackle common denominators like the threats of annihilation through nuclear war or the devastation already being caused by global warming?

Wake up Canadians, it’s time we began to consider our potential.

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