CMHC again a victory for non-violence

Canscene) One again the Canadian Multicultural Hockey Championships have come and gone. Once again they’ve proven how 26 teams representing 26 different ethnicities can get together and celebrate both Canada’s national game and their own heritage in friendly rivalry.

Played out in Toronto arenas during the waning days of December, the games, which were introduced in 2005, showed growth . The teams competing grew from sixteen men’s teams to twenty and we also saw the introduction of six women’s teams.

Although myself not an avid hockey fan, I do acknowledge that it’s a national passion and with this tournament emphasizes what we have in common, wherever we come from.

Oddly enough this year the same two teams battled it out for first place: the Ojibwa Thunderbirds and the Irish Shamrocks. And once again, the Shamrocks emerged as victors.

Did I say battled it out? Not quite. The entire tournament was played out without a single punch-up or other act of violence on the ice.

Tim Fujita who heads the organizing committee informs me that there will likely be another tournament this coming April

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