Going green?

(Canscene) — The choice of a former and dedicated federal environment  minister as leader of the opposition  and the surge of concern  among young Canadians at the threat of global warming may well see a merger of interests between the Green Party and the Liberals in the next election. Short of conjoining, if the Greens, if they win a few seats, may well decide to vote with the Liberals.

Whatever our self-interests, whatever our economic interests whatever our  political interests, we  have to face   some bold decisions if  we’re to help save  humanity from the dreadful consequences of global warming.

Don’t tell me the signs aren’t there.  Don’t tell me the  tsunamis, Hurricane Katrina, mud slides in the Philippines, forest fires and floods all over the world are coincidental occurrences; there are just too many of them.

Let’s face it.   We Canadians have a clear choice: to face up to the need to sacrifice  gas-eating automobiles, unlimited air travel , the wholesale discharge of weaponry in wars and  self-indulgent consumerism or stay with the herd that like lemmings, seem hell-bent on self-destruction.

We’re a going to have to stop looking over our shoulders to see what other countries are doing.  We’re  going to have to learn to say to critics:

“This is  about our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren.

“It’s  about survival,  stupid!”

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