Futher fantasizing

Each New Year’s I think about what public figures might or might not be  saying or doing in 2007.

This year, here are some books you might just see  on the  bestseller lists.  That is if the moon’s made of cream cheese.

A Complete Guide to Your Contraceptive Options by Pope Benedict.

Dubya speak: a  guide to fashionable pronunciation for a nukelar age, see,  by who else?

Glamorous new hairdos by CTV anchor Sandy Rinaldo

Silence is Golden, a primer on media relations by  Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Gotcha! by Canada’s Auditor General  Sheila Fraser.

My Future Life in the Red by Conrad Black

Oops!  an anthology of things they shouln’t have said with contributions from Pope Benedict, Jack Straw, Michael Ignatieff, Michael Kramer Richards and Mel Gibson.

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