A wish list for ’07

For this Year of Grace 2007, I wish:

That the youth of Canada will wake   up to the vital necessity to vote for some of the things they support on their T-shirts, in particular, wildlife and the environment. They have to get used to voting  and also to reminding  those for whom they voted they need a payback.

That politicians of all stripes think beyond the box of their elected terms of office and that while the democratic  system of government demands the cut and thrust of debate, petty tit-for-tat adversity is not always in the public interest.

That high and mighty business executives voluntarily refrain from exercising stock options which only result in their maximizing profits and lining their own as well as shareholders’ pockets to the detriment of workers and consumers alike.

That world leaders stop picking on states wishing to develop nuclear resources and consider total  nuclear disarmament on a global and permanent scale.

That Canada’s prime minister would stop posing self-consciously  in those quaint outfits that suggest as a kid he never enjoyed Halloween.

Did I say “This Year of Grace?” –  Well, let’s be optimistic.  I can dream —-can ‘t I?  And many good ideas begin with a dream.

What’s yours?

3 Responses to “A wish list for ’07”

  1. Bill Says:

    I wish spammers would [delete real thought, insert kinder one] give up.

  2. Ben Says:

    Bill, does “for Pete’s sake” fill the bill? Snd by the way, who wa Pete?

  3. Bill Says:

    I’m not sure who Pete is, Ben. Maybe we should invoke him, though.

    “For Pete’s sake, I wish spammers would…”