Putting back the small “l” where it belongs

(Canscene) — When did  the word “liberal” become equated with evil in the United States? How many times  have we heard and read negative connotations to the word?

The utterings of neo-cons and right wing fundamentalists in recent years have echoed the post World War II hysteria over communism which included lumping the liberal-minded with “reds,”  “fellow travellers” and “pinkos.”

How it must have galled Bush and his fellow neo-cons to know that until January, 2006 the administration was compelled to do business with a large “l” government in Canada. But now after the mid-term elections of last month, the evil liberals are poised to strike from within.

Beware,  Dubya and fellow neo-cons! They’re going to give you an “l” of a time.

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