And now — Stevespeak

(Canscene) — George Orwell in his grim novel 1984 wrote of a totalitarian government that had introduced newsspeak, a bastardization of the English language to brainwash a submissive population.

I’m sure you’ve already heard how Stephen Harper’s Tories have been brainwashed to the extent that they must refer to themselves as Canada’s new government. Now from journalist Susan Delacourt of the Toronto Star comes the alarming disclosure that further Stevespeak is planned.

She informs us that Tories may no longer refer to “innovation” or “innovative” because the federal Liberals launched an innovation strategy in 2002.

Furthermore, she says, the term “equality” has been dropped from the vocabulary of the Status of Women, a department of Canadian Heritage.

Knowing of the Tories’ parents, the Reform and Alliance Parties’ revulsion to the word multiculturalism, it wouldn’t surprise me if that word, too, is on the way out: it was so much associated with Trudeau. Harper refers to diversity and pluralism but I’ve yet to hear him speak of multiculturalism, even though it’s written into our Charter of Rights and Multiculturalism Act.

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