The curious logic of Donald Trump

(Canscene) — Seen on a television interview last month was megatycoon Donald Trump mouthing off about success. Everyone, he said has the right to become a millionaire. The middle class is dying out, he says, leaving only the rich and the poor and as many as possible should aim for the former status. The way he spoke, it seemed he’d like the whole of the U.S. to become rich. Or would he?

His trumped-up myth making about the disappearance of the middle class is now being echoed all over. It’s true the gap between the poor and the rich is growing wider, but a middle class will remain as long as a society remains free. We presume Trump is talking about economic status and not the opprobrious social ranking of yesteryear. Most of what used to be called the “working class” or “blue collar” is now generally well established in those “doomed” middle ranks. The aim should be to elevate as many as possible from poor to middle class status.

Competition reigns as long as a society remains free and we’ll never change that. Look at what has happened in the former USSR and in how it is transforming “communist” China. The free world knows that its freedom will continue to depend on the right to compete.

What is needed, Mr. Trump, is the determined elimination of poverty with the help of men of power like yourself. We must start with good economic planning backed by socially responsible business practices that work toward the well-being of all members of society.

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