Bush’s dilemma: conscription “if”?

(Canscene) — It remains obvious that any further U.S. military action against recalcitrant states — whether jointly with allies or arbitrarily– will necessitate an act of conscription to guarantee cannon fodder.

With the Bush reputation at an all-time low, could he risk such a move? For Viet Nam, a state of conscription already existed, enthusiasm for which began to come apart in terms of troop and civilian morale long before the war ended.

And for Bush’s pal Steve, conscription in Canada is even less likely, given our history and the likelihood of every Tory vote in Quebec slipping away into the void.

2 Responses to “Bush’s dilemma: conscription “if”?”

  1. Frank DeBrune Says:

    Now that Rummy has been forced out to pasture, the U.S. will gradually bug out of Iraq. A total failure. Some would say, a war crime. Hardly a model for Canada to follow, Mr. Harper.

  2. Ben Viccari Says:


    It’s going to be interesing to Harper’s parroting antics as Bush copeswith hia ll/7 defeat.