Wrong again, George!


(Canscene) — Quite by accident, early on the morning of August 9 I was watching BBC tv news when I caught the opening announcements of the alleged plot to blow up translantic passenger planes and the arrest of alleged terrorists.

I was impressed to see the tone of news broadcasts and other reports was much more restrained than on previous occasions, recognizing that democratic principles were being observed.

However, later that morning, U.S. President George W Bush when asked for a comment referred to the alleged terrorists as “Islamic fascists.” Apart from his usual rush to judgment before the suspects and their ethnic origins had been identified, the president displayed his usual tenuous grasp of reality.

Fundamentalist Islamic terrorists act out of religious belief. Neither Mussolini, who invented fascism, nor Hitler who drew his original inspiration from Mussolini were particularly religious. They championed race-based ideologies: Mussolini evoking the idea of emulating ancient Romans as superior beings and Hitler giving Nazism a kick start with his theories of Aryan superiority and his hatred of Jews.

George, why not stick to “nukeler” and “see, now…….?”

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