New Indo-Caribbean website imminent

(Canscene) — The following is an shortened version of a communiqué received on a new website
Who is an Indo-Caribbean? (A Caribbean person of Indian ancestry) How many Indo-Caribbeans live in Canada? (Over 150,000) How many Caribbean countries do they come from? (At least 14) Who is the earliest known Indo-Caribbean to come to Canada? (Trinidadian Kenneth Mahabir in 1908) How many Sunday religious services can you find in Greater Toronto with significant numbers of Indo-Caribbeans? (At least 30) Where can you buy a Caribbean style roti in Toronto? (Too many places to count)

Answers to these and many more questions about Indo-Caribbeans will soon be freely available on the internet when the community web site is formally launched in September.

The web site is the brainchild of a group of Indo-Caribbean activists who see an urgent need for a place where Indo-Caribbeans and the wider Canadian community can get essential information on Indo-Caribbeans in Canada.

They came together after the recent South Asian Heritage Month celebrations and agreed that at present Indo-Caribbeans have no handy sources of information on their history in the Caribbean or in Canada, their heritage, or tyheir lives in Canada.

The group is calling on the Indo-Caribbean community to support the web site and help in providing information, photographs and documents. Contact Ram Jagessar at 416-289-9088 or by e-mail at

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