Fear of fear

There’s no doubt that the fear of terrorism has coloured our lives in recent years.

Now, 17  men and youths have been arrested  and for the first time we’re confronting alleged homegrown terrorism of the kind that erupted in Spain and Britain. Please note I said alleged, for in the public eye, a person should not be considered guilty until tried and convicted

All kinds of people are claiming the arrests as proof multicuturalism is to blame — heaven knows why. Scratch the surface and you’ll find outright blowhards who’ll seize on any topic to get publicity and closet racists who’ll claim 17 non-white persons among 32 million Canadians have been driven to terrorism because of our policy of multiculturalism.

The two things just aren’t related but when  you tell them this, the next thing they’ll harp on is our immigration policies.

I’d like to quote the late great Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Second World War “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”  So let’s remember not to let fearmongers drive us out of our minds and  into blaming multiculturalism.

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