Mission to Africa for 25 youngsters

(Canscene) — Improving the lives of people living in under-serviced villages in Kenya and Tanzania is the goal of the “Changing Lives Group” Mission that will take place from June 8 to 24, 2006.

The mission will visit Maseno, Kenya and Musama, Tanzania and other villages. The Changing Lives Group is an all volunteer effort made up of 25 dedicated young volunteers from the Canadian Coptic Centre who have made both the financial and personal commitment to travel abroad and deliver assistance to those in greatest need.

The group has identified realistic and achievable goals. What makes them mission unique is the focus that will be placed on person-to-person contact in the direct delivery of services in what are some of Kenya and Tanzania’s neediest communities. The work of the mission will include providing assistance to young people in getting started with their education,
volunteering in orphanages and hospitals and organizing activities for youth.

The group will also be bringing over 1000 lbs of medical supplies and clothing to deliver to the communities where they will be working.

The mission brings with it a renewed sense of hope for families living in difficult circumstances. The community development work planned during the mission sends the message that Canada has not forgotten those that live in
harsh conditions.

The public is invited to directly participate in this important effort by donating supplies or making a contribution toward the cost of medical and other relief supplies. All materials and funds raised will be dedicated to providing direct service and relief to those in the villages that will be visited. All of the costs related to travel, etc. are being paid by the volunteers themselves.

Deadline for donations is June 5.

For further information: please contact:
Reham Gorgis at (416) 992-3003 or gorgis2004@yahoo.ca
Sandra Sorial at (416) 402-0959 or Sandra.sorial@gmail.com

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