How to avoid biological genocide

A Texas scientist recently said that the  best way to save the world from overpopulation would be a massive outbreak of the Ebola virus, killing off  90 per cent of the people.

Probably he was stating this not as a wishful thought but merely to illustrate how serious is this problem of overpopulation of a planet that cannot sustain such a vast amount of humanity.

“What we really need to do is start thinking about controlling our population before it’s too late,” Professor Eric Pianka told the Associated Press. “It’s already too late, but we’re not even thinking about it. We’re just mindlessly rushing ahead breeding our brains out.”

To my mind, that’s what it all comes down to. Contraception.  Population control — now — overriding all religious prejudices against it  and reaching the people through every known agency working in the common good.

Come to think of it an undernourished overpopulated world is a prime target for a pandemic of any sort and there are quite a few waiting in the wings, it seems,  to enact biological genocide on all races, all religions.

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