Blogging goes personal

(Canscene) — Oddly enough — or is it so odd ? — I find myself devoting much space in this issue to films and film makers.

It’s often been said there’s no such thing as completely objective reporting. Whether or not the reporter chooses to remain unnamed in his/her report, the human element always creeps in and colours their stories to some degree.

So why not own up to the personal factor?

My own life has been much involved with the moving image, the dominant new art form of the 20th century.

Among nations, Canada is the most qualified to speak for the idea of Multiculturalism. And nowhere is Canada’s pluralism better depicted than through films and television –whether on city streets during news broadcasts, in the faces of television anchors, hosts and reporters or in the documentaries and fictional features now being made by Canadians.

So, unrepentant, I’m blogging it my way. Here, you’ll continue to read quite a bit about film and I promise, I’ll try to avoid spoilers.

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