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(Canscene) — Who’s trying to persuade us that Multiculturalism in Canada is on the way out? If these new publications are any indication, the “M” word is very much alive and well in the land of the Maple Leaf.There’s the English language Newcomers’ News, just celebrating its second anniversary and Kaleidescope, enjoying a welcome return to the ethnocultural publishing scene after a few years’ absence. Coming to our knowledge also is the web ‘zine The New Hungarian Voice.

The quarterly Newcomers’ News published by immigrant Daniel Sproule began with a lean hungry look and by the current issue has reached 42 pages, with 64 planned for the Summer ‘06 issue. Particularly interesting are articles like Would You Like to be a Building Superintendent? in which author Efin Cheimis points the way to an occupation people seldom think about and his glossary of Englsh words some new Canadians might find difficult.


George Telch and his wife Rosalia had the courage some years ago to launch one of those publications that all over the world enjoy precarious lives: the literary journal. Named Kaleidoscope, the quarterly was published in Hungarian and featured the work of such distinguished writers as poet George Faludy and novelist Kati Rekai. The magazine’s disappearance was much regretted.

Recently, it was reborn under the same name but as a bilingual magazine (Hungarian/ English) to which George and Rosalia invite contributions. The renaissance of Kaleidoscope is appropriate to the times, since this year marks the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution.


The New Hungarian Voice launched by publisher/editor Peter Czink of Vancouver is in English and available via the Internet.

The publisher states his blog is dedicated to the preservaion of Hungarian culure and the current issues lists articles on, among others, the great composer Bela Bartok, Vancouver’s plans to commemorate the 1956 revolution and spelunking in the caves of the Buda Hills.

Lively and readable The New Hungarian Voice may be found at:


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