An opportunity

(Canscene) — Know how many years Canadians have clamoured for a winter holiday?

Remember the Conservative party’s election slogan, Stand up for Canada? Remember what happened February 15, 1965?

Our flag

41 years ago: our first sight of the Flag
Yes, you’re right, and we now call it National Flag of Canada Day, but there’s still something missing.

Isn’t it time that a government did stand up for Canada and what better term of endearment could win friends and influence voters then to declare February 15 a national holiday?

Or did we forget that it was Liberal Lester B. Pearson who spearheaded the fight for Canadians to have their own flag and to this day remains demonized in the hearts of many aging Canadians who resented the lowering of the Union Jack. In turn, many former “colonials” now living here don’t buy this reactionary attitude at all and cherish opur flag.

If you feel that a national holiday should celebrate this great occasion, please write to:

The Honourable Bev Oda, MP
Minister of Canadian Heritage and the Status of Women
House of Commons, Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A6

And don’t forget, under Canadian law you don’t even need to place a stamp on your letter when you write to a federal MP or cabinet minister!

4 Responses to “An opportunity”

  1. A. Babcock Says:

    I would like to send the idea, and my hearty approval of it, to Bev Oda by email. Does anyone have the address?

  2. Andy Vodaston Says:

    Try this, A. Babcock…

    Let’s make our Feb. 15th flag day a national holiday!

  3. F. Hunterwasser Says:

    Andy, I tried writing to that Oda.B email address but my message bounced.

  4. Bill Andersen Says:

    I wrote to that email address and I got a reply. Essentially, Bev Oda’s office said that declaring a national holiday would be a very complex thing to do and that the federal government did not have the power to do it.