VOL. 9 NO.5    May, 2009

One Response to “Sticky: BEN VICCARI’S CANSCENE”

  1. Bill Says:

    Ben, I was just checking some old files I have archived and came across some Canscene items dating back to January, 2001… eight and a half years ago! What’s more, I know that they are not the earliest files.

    You have been running this blog for a much longer time than the list in the sidebar would suggest. That’s because your items weren’t automatically archived before you switched to WordPress.

    Congratulations on what you’ve done to transition from the print-and-xerox days of Canadian Scene to your up-to-the-minute Canscene. You already have over 400 posts here, just since 2006. Surely you must have written well over a thousand articles since you started online. Love it!

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